7PCS Carbody Reparing KIT
Emergency/safety Hammer
American Claw Hammer
British claw hammer
Machinist's Hammer
Stone Hammer
Roofing Hammer
Mason's Hammer
Chipping Hammer
Ball Peen Hammer(808)
France Type Joner's Hammer(822)
France Type Claw Hammer(825)
Rubber Mallet Hammer(829)
Sledge Hammer(830)
Cross Hammer(831)
Cupreous Hammer(832)

Good quality Safety hammer
1) Emergency Hammer specially helpful in roadside emergency.
2) Portable
3) It is very useful for special situation
4) High quality and competitive price

1.Cut seat belt
2.Break auto window
Material:ABS +45 #Steel
Packing can do as customer request.
OEM acceptable.

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